This article will try and provide an overview of the different type of non-standard trunk badges in the 1000SEL that were made, or offered by the different tuner companies.


A pseudo-gold plated 1000SEL bagde made from plastic, as offered by Japanese tuning company "Styling-Japan". Styling-Japan offered all kinds of 1000SEL and 1000SEC badges as off-the-shelf parts.


From a 1989 Styling-Japan magazine ad, a selection of badges on offer, in gold, silver or blacked out.





A full metal 1000SEL badge from an unkown UK supplier. High-quality work with very subtle font/typography.







A 1000SEC badge, again full metal and made in a very typical more simple font, not reminiscent of any Mercedes-Benz trunk badge. This type was offered by the Japanese branch of AMG (AMG-Japan).





"ABC No.1" was ABC-Exclusive's variation on the 1000SEL-theme. This gold-plated metal logo is a hefty piece.




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