ABC-Exclusive from Bonn in Germany was one of the companies who, together with the likes of Koenig-Specials and Gemballa, did an attempt to create a seriously ultimate wide version of the Mercedes-Benz SEC (W126). Although ABC already came up with a widebodied 500SEC Convertible at the 1983 IAA Frankfurt (with flared fenders but without any of the spoilers and streaks), the definitive style ABC-Exclusive SEC Widebody was introduced in 1985.


The ABC-Exclusive version of the widebody W126 SEC featured Testarossa-type streaks just like the Koenig-Specials SEC, but in a more crude fashion remeniscent of the Koenig SL (R107). Wheel arches front- and rear were widened, a hood scoop was added (Koenig-Specials item?), front bumper with a sort of extended grille (different versions exist), rear wing (again, Koenig?) and the obvious wide 15" Gotti wheels with 285/40 VR15 front and 345/35 VR15 tyres at the rear which were sort of an ABC-Exclusive standard option.


The complete conversion was available for 39.000 DM back in '85 (more than half of the price of a new 500SEC), which was without any further options (interior, engine, convertible-conversion).


The original ABC-Exclusive widebody S-class coupe: this 500SEC convertible was presented at the 1983 Frankfurt Motorshow (IAA) and was not only roofless but also fitted with flared fenders completely different from what the definitive design would become that ABC-Exclusive introduced two years later. Note the completely unfinished product with fake fog lights and (not visible in the photo) non-existent convertible roof.



This 1985 white 500SEC Widebody by ABC-Exclusive is quite likely a very early (first?) model, possibly even a prototype since it has a different style of front bumper with a more protuding airintake (compare to photos below).


This apears to be the same car, for sale in Japan in early 1990s (same unique front bumper, white custom dashboard, seats with white leather and red piping).



This black 500SEC Widebody by ABC was a car from Sweden, built for/by the Sw








This 560SEC ABC Wide Body was shown at the 1990 Tokyo Auto Salon at the stand of Yokohama based tuning shop "Bentley Co. Ltd". This ABC Exclusive widebody is of special interest because it has received a special treatment for the shape of the trunk spoiler, posibly using parts of ABC's widebody kit for the BMW E24 6-series which used a similar design.








Two red ABC Exclusive widebodies in front of the Bentley shops in Yokohama; a W126 500/560SEC and a W124 300E. In the background a white SEC Convertible can be seen as well. Bentley Co Ltd was a tuning shop that represented ABC-Exclusive, Schulz Tuning, GFG, Koenig-Specials and various other German tuning- and coachbuilt specialists.



Another 500SEC with ABC-Exclusive treatment for sale in late 1980s Japan.





An ABC-Exclusive W126 SEC widebody as presented by GFL Sportline, a company from the south of Germany which among other things was also representative for ABC-Exclusive products in that region. That has been fitted with all kinds of interesting features including a gold-plated grille and a roofspoiler.





A candy apple red 500SEC Wide Body Convertible by ABC-Exclusive. This totally mad car has been fitted with an interior that sports four white leather covered Recaro seats.





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