In the early 1980s the Almeras Brothers made this "Porsche 935 Cabriolet".



The Almeras Porsche 3.3 Bi-Turbo from 1985, probably the best known of the creation by the Almeras brothers. This 400 HP Porsche 930 / 911 Turbo was a chopped top speed monster with speeds in access of 300km/h possible.



Later on in the 1980s Porsche Almeras joined the 959 craze with this 964 based "Almeras Style-959"  from 1989. The car was not just show (not the case with any Almeras-built Porsche); a twin-turbo 3.3L engined gave the car 400 horsepower and uprated suspension, gearbox gave the car all the ingredients for a street rocket.




Two Almeras built 964 conversions at a Montpellier square.



This is turkish green Porsche 911SC based Almeras "959-style" conversion of the early 1990s.



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