Besides all of the many Range Rover - conversions offered by Glenfrome of Bristol, Glenfrome also had room for some conversions based on Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce. These conversions were mostly luxury and stretch conversions.


This article deals with the short stretch limousine offered by Glenfrome based on the W126-model Mercedes-Benz S-class. It needs to be told that Glenfrome possibly didn't build these limos themselves, as was the case with many coachbuilt offerings from the 1980's where one company would outsource the construction to another company. In the case of the Mercedes limos on this page it's purely speculation, but it could very well be possible.




This is the Glenfrome Mercedes 500SEL 36" stretch limousine. It has gold trim, white ARC wheels and if you look carefully the interior is red. The trunk badge says "1000", which clearly is a variation on the 1000SEL-theme, and on the right-hand side we see a Glenfrome-logo. The interior appears to be red, but it's not really clear.





One might think this is the same 36" stretch 500SEL as the above one, but a more careful study tells us it isn't. The obvious differences are the modified bumpers, trunk spoiler and white leather interior.

However, you might want to look at the stretch conversion itself too: the window behind the passenger door on this car is smaller than the one on the car above. This is confirmed by comparing the space between the rear door and the rear wheel arch. Why? Maybe (only speculation) this car was converted by a (different) subcontractor, which had it's own special method of stretching the 500SEL. 





Interesting interior features of the Glenfrome 1000 include the gray-green dash and steeringwheel and the glovecompartment that was modeled after the speedo-housing.



Electrically operated rear-seats in white leather with black piping give the passengers of the Glenfrome Stretch 500SEL all the comfort they need and the small cooled beverage compartment sure doesn't make life any harder. Note the gilded door handles and other armatures.


Picnic tables in the doors, a TV and the Clarion stereo in the roof-mounted console.




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