This article is an ode to street-legal Porsche 911 Turbos built by the legendary Kremer brothers from Cologne (Köln). Since Kremer's Porsche 935's were the number one adversary for the Porsche works 935's in the FIA Group 5 era (1976-1981) in both FIA World Championship for Sports Cars and the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (DRM), it was natural for them to take this  very good promotion to the streets.


Kremer's Porsche 911 Turbo (930) -based street cars are were given all kinds of names from "Group 5 Street", "935 Street Turbo", and from the mid 1980s the "Kremer K1", "K2" and "K3" monikers were used. Customizing by Kremer Porsche included everything from engine, suspension, to the well known wild bodykits, functional and race-inspired, designed and built by Ekkehard Zimmermann of Design+Plastik a.k.a. DP Motorsport.


After winning the 1979 Le Mans 24 hour race with a Porsche 935 "Kremer K3, the demand for similar performance for street use was growing. This is German car magazine SportAuto's May 1979 cover showing a "street version" of the Porsche 935, dubbed the Kremer Gr.5 Street; parked behind it is the Le Mans winning Kremer K3 driven by Klaus Ludwig and the Wittington Bros. Bodywork for this slant nosed Porsche 911 Turbo was designed by Ekkehard Zimmerman of DP Motorsport and a very similar conversion was soon also available through his own company. Engine output for this car was about 370 horses...





1983: A similar conversion to the "Gr.5 Street", now dubbed "935 Street-Turbo".



This is an early 1980s Kremer 935-Street Turbo.




1986: this is the Kremer K3 Le Mans built for Formula One team owner and oil man Walter Wolf. The Kremer K3 Le Mans was basically a 740 horsepower street version of the Kremer K3 race car, with some influences of the Kremer K4 tubeframe Group5 racer (air inlets in front of the rear wheels).




1986: A Kremer K2 offered by Miami Florida car dealer and tuner specialist "Auto Salon 2000". The car was fitted with a full K2-spec carbon fibre bodykit, BBS 3-piece wheels with white BBS "Turbo Fan" wheel covers. Just awesome....



1986: Kremer K1 cabrio. The Kremer K1 was a slightly more subtely tuned 911 Turbo than the K2 and K3. The nomenclature used by Kremer was however very confusing, since the K1, K2 and K3 also refered to Kremer's 1976-1979 racing models.



1987: This is the Kremer K2, a Porsche 911 Turbo with a 395 horsepower engine and street-935 style bodykit including slanted nose with pop-up head lights (Kremer's own, not the one offered by the factory at this time) and super wide wheel arches. This by the way is a US-version.



1990: a car similar in styling as the above Kremer K2, but with the headlamps mounted in the bumper and slightly revised streaks on the rear wheel arches. And oh yeah, did I mention this car had a 2.8ltr 650 horsepower flat-6 engine of a Porsche 962 group C car installed? Maybe that's why Bernd Schneider, at the time driving for Footwork in Formula One, was behind the wheel....




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