The 1984 BLE-Automotive / Forward-Engineering Lister Jaguar XJ-S was the first 1980s Jaguar to bare the name of the company founded by Brian Lister, known for it's custom stream lined racing bodies for Jaguars (and others brands as well) that ran the racing circuits in the 1950s and 60s. The BLE (BLE: Beaty, Exeter) XJ-S was a performance Jaguar XJ-S Jaguar should have built... a real drivers sports car with the Jaguar XJ-S completely reengineered by people with backgrounds in racing, engine preparation. Reengineered for a good reason, because the original XJ-S was critisized for it's cruisy suspension, the car not really the performer the shape of the car would suggest, not the sports car that Jaguars historically were known for.


Styling on this Lister-Jaguar XJ-S included new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a small rear spoiler. The wheels are BBS.


The 1984 BLE-Automotive / Forward-Engineering Lister Jaguar XJ-S.











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