Rinspeed was founded in Switzerland by Frank Rinderknecht in the late 1970s; Rinspeed was mainly a Porsche tuner who was mostly known for their outrageous body modifications, mainly using the Porsche 911 as a starting point. Allthough not solely working on Porsches, most of Rinspeed's well known cars from the 1980s were Porsches: among the best known '80s Rinspeed creations are the Porsche 911 based 939 (R39) and 969 (R69), R59 and Eclipse and the 928 based R29.


More than just a tuner/fabricator of tuning parts, in the 1980s Rinspeed was the official dealer for AMG, Zender and various other tuners in Switzerland.


Owner/founder of Rinspeed, Frank Rinderknecht driving in the 1983 Rinspeed 939 / R39, a Porsche 911 based conversion with 928 head- and taillights.



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