Introduced at the 1985 Geneva Motorshow is Rinspeed's Porsche 911 Turbo + Ferrari Testarossa hybrid design, the "Rinspeed 969", later renamed "Rinspeed R69". In contrary to Rinspeed's previous 911 conversion, the Rinspeed 939/R39 which was only available as convertible, Rinspeed offered the 969 as both a Coupe and a Convertible. The 969-design for the 930 Turbo included a slant nose with (Porsche 944) pop-up headlights, bumpers with foglights, Testarossa inspired / copied side-intakes complete with the full-length streaks and then to the rear of the car 944 tail lights incorporated in a very square rear end that really got the Testarossa-vibe for sure. A roof spoiler just above the rear window and a very interesting air intakes that replace the whale tale spoiler that is so typically Porsche 911 Turbo. Wheels installed by Rinspeed were either 16" 5-spoke Gotti wheels or BBS RS.


The Rinspeed 969; this is the early version of the 911 Turbo-based conversion with the "Testarossa-streaks". The later 969 (or R69) was visually updated by removing the streaks and leaving far more clean lines.


The Rinspeed 969 at the 1985 Geneva Motorshow.








The Rinspeed 969 / R69 Convertible in pearlescent white with a white leather interior. This car was introduced in late 1985.



This supposedly is Lionell Richie's Rinspeed R69; a red one with later style bodywork.





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