The Robert Jankel Design built Royale was probably one of the more extreme conversions built on the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. It certainly was one of the most expensive conversions because the conversion is so comprehensive and the beauty of it is is that it's not all that obvious at first glance.


Looking at it first glance, the Jankel Royale doesn't appear to be all that extensively modified; the proportions of the original Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit have been left in tact for the most part and the conversion as a whole reminds of the Hooper Emperor, Carat by Duchatelet Silver Spirit II Stretch or maybe even the Mulliner Park Ward Touring Limousine. However that is before you realise what you're extually looking at.


A design of the Robert Jankel Royale from the Jankel 1988 model range as it was probably never buillt: lacking the rear quarter window and with doors that aren't "straigt cut".


The Robert Jankel Royale "as built" drawing. It shows most of the features of the actual car; higher bonnet, higher roofline (2 inches), stretched and heightened front door, redesigned rear door, rear quarter window behind the rear door and a smaller privacy rear window.


A simple comparison of the Jankel Royale and the standard Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. Note the difference in length of the front doors.



This photograph wonderfully illustrates the raised nose of the Jankel Royale: The grill was placed a little higher and the middle portion of the bonnet lifted up (almost to an horizontal angle it seems) to make the car look more impressive and give it a more Rolls-Royce Phantom-ish look.


This rear view shows the higher roof line and the privacy rear window.


The same car as it was for sale in Japan in 1991 at a company called "Urban".
















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