Although Vittorio Strosek started his company Strosek Auto Design with a series of designs for the Porsche 928, the 911 was not overlooked; this article deals with the second stage of Strosek's idea for the "real Porsche"; with the introduction of the 964 model of the Porsche 911 in 1989 Strosek was at it right away with updates for the new model.



This rather mild looking 911 (964) is a 1990 Strosek conversion called the Version II for the 911 Carrera 2/4. It includes all road new bumpers and skirts, modified rear fenders and 17" 5-spoke wheels by OZ from Italy.






A very interesting combo of a Strosek and a TechArt 911 (964) convertible.... actually these are two TechArt 911s; though exterior modifications are easily recognizable as TechArt (left) and Strosek Mega (right) both cars have a very similar, very expensive custom TechArt interior.








An interesting 1992 Strosek magazine-ad displaying the Strosek RS wheel made by BBS fitted on a Strosek Mega. The Strosek RS must not have been all that popular because period Strosek catalogues don't even mention it and have no cars fitted with them.....



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