It was around 1984 when Vittorio Strosek unveiled his vision on the Porsche 928. This modified Porsche 928 was Strosek's first project for his own company, Strosek Auto Design. In the years before he had worked for EVEX (Porsche) and Willy König from Koenig-Specials. Vittorio's choice for the Porsche 928 was due to the fact that most tuners focused on the Porsche 911 / 930 and left the 928 for what it was, which was odd because in the 1980's the Porsche 928 was actually Porsche's top model. The lack of competition on this part plus the design talent Vittorio Strosek possessed made his choice for the 928 a sure-win.


The Strosek Porsche 928 "Version I, II and III"

The initial Strosek program for the Porsche 928 consisted of a series of spoilers, bumpers and other cosmetics divided into three stages, the Version I, II and III.


The "Version I" had the normal width of the 928, but did have heavily modified bumpers, spoilers and a huge rear wing. The headlights of the 928 were optionally replaced by those placed in the new front bumper, which left a smoother bonnet with only a powerbulge and NACA-inlets. This option was available for all Strosek 928 versions, I to III. The Version I was equipped with 16" BBS rims on 225 / 50VR16 tires on the front and 245 / 50VR16 or the 225s for the rear. The price of the full kit was about 14.000 DM (1986), about half of the Version III.


The Strosek 928 "Version II" was widened at the rear, enabling Strosek to mount wider BBS rims and tires at the rear (265 / 50VR16). The widened rear fenders show great similarity with the designs Vittorio Strosek made for Koenig-Specials in the years before. A quick look at the Version II makes it look almost the same as the Version II, though the stock front wings and smaller front tires set it apart. The Version II was priced at 20.000 DM (1986).


The most extreme conversion Strosek offered was the Strosek "Version III", which was the full wide body kit for Porsche 928 with all the modifications of the Versions I and II but additional widened front wings to fit the more outwardly placed, deeper 16" BBS rims. Prices for the full Version III were some 23.000 DM (1986).


Improvement of the design

From the introduction onward the Strosek program for the Porsche 928 was under constant development and subject to change. Only two years from the introduction in 1984, Strosek introduced a new front bumper with smoother lines, less edgy. Also, around the same time the rear panel was changed back to normal, the initial Version III having a lip which probably wasn't subtle enough to be kept in the modified Version III design. In 1987 the side streaks were dropped. The design of the rear-wing was also changed by 1987, favoring a design with side flaps that were pointed more downward. But the most important change introduced in '87 was the redesigned rear window / boot lid. The original part was a big glass window but was replaced by Strosek by something more similar to the bonnet of a Ferrari, with a small rear window placed perpendicularly to the roof line. This way the boot space was limited, but the (over)heating of the interior was limited because of the reduced glass surface. Design-wise the new Strosek boot also gave the Porsche 928 a more sporty "mid-engined" look. In 1991 a new version was introduced together with a new name for what used to be the 928 Version III: the Strosek Ultra S4. The side skirts and bumpers of the new Strosek Ultra were much more rounded than the ones of the previous Version III. The front bumper had a single large rounded cut-out, the rear bumper had a similar cut-out with two large diameter exhaust pipes protruding trough it on either side. An optional bonnet for the Strosek Ultra was available with two rounded cut-outs which gave the hot air of the V8 engine a means of escape. Wing mirrors were changed to look more rounded and the side skirt now had a more rounded opening for brake cooling. 1992 was the year Strosek introduced the Ultra Wing, a Porsche 928 S4 with butterfly doors, a patented design and although quite a common tuning feature on cars post-2000, in 1992 it really was something new.


It was towards the late 1980's that Strosek seems to have stepped away from the initial idea to completely get rid of the pop-up headlights, with the standard headlights again appearing more on the Version III conversions. A reason for this was that in some countries the Hella-headlights in the bumper that replaced the pop-ups weren't legal because of the height they were installed. Strosek didn't like the pop-ups so this was a problem until a new option was offered by Strosek in 1988: the Bosch produced PE-headlights (PE stands for Poly Ellipsoid), which were installed by Strosek in the place of the pop-up eggs, as Vittorio Strosek used to call them.


The rim design was also changed from the 16" BBS rims, by 1988 17" OZ Futura wheels were standard and by 1992 a new 18" OZ wheel was introduced.


The Strosek program for the Porsche 928 was and still is the most popular tuning program for the 928. The modifications were almost factory-worthy, improving the original design of the 928 and making it a true supercar.


A 1984 (or even earlier) design sketch of the Strosek Porsche 928; it lacks the "Testarossa" fins and shows an interesting idea with Targa-like cut outs in the roof.


An early model Strosek 928, Version I (1984). In this conversion Strosek retained the standard width of the Porsche 928, but did fit the new front bumper, bonnet, side skirts, streamlined wing mirrors, rear wing and new BBS rims.




Two early model Strosek 928, two times a Version II (1984). The Strosek Porsche 928 Version II was widened in the rear, just as the top-model, the Version III. It did however didn't have the flared front fenders and deeper front rims. The spoiler above the rear window was also lacking, though it does have the big rear wing.



Vittorio Strosek blowing off some steam.... This car was a Strosek 928-SK with a supercharger and 450hp.



This is an early model Strosek 928 Version III, which can be distinguished from the other versions by it's widened front fenders. Other than that and the special wheels it's no different from the Version II above.


The discs that cover the BBS rims are high-tech wheel covers that allow more fresh air to cool the brakes.


Note the massive rear wing, which by the way is of similar design as the wings used on many Koenig-Specials cars (Mercedes SL R107, Ferrari Testarossa, Jaguar XJS, etc) which were mostly Vittorio Strosek designs.


The Strosek Porsche 928 "Version III" at high speed. Strosek was able to match the performance with the looks: the stock Porsche 928 S (1986) had 310 BHP, this could be improved to 354 BHP by replacing the camshafts and new cylinder heads, or for the more needy there was a 405 BHP version which owed it's extra power to two MPD-Turbo-compressors. Both engine conversions were done by specialist companies.


The same 928 Version III with the Strosek Wheel Covers.


A detail showing the Strosek wheel covers.




Two photos showing the 1986 top-of-the-range Strosek 928: the Version III. The Version III had a full package including the fatter front tires on BBS rims, and the spoiler over the rear window. Note that this Version III has a different front bumper. This bumper was used on all Strosek 928 models until the arrival of the 1991 Strosek Ultra.


The front end of a Strosek 928 Version III (1986). We can clearly see the new bumper with Hella lights and the bonnet with NACA-air intakes and a powerbulge. From this point it's also clear to see the larger front tires and widened fenders that house them.




Another early model Strosek 928 Version III in yellow. This one has the streamlined covers for the BBS rims that improved cooling of the brakes. Note that this car retains its normal Porsche 928 pop-up head lights and doesn't have the more powerful Hella-lights in the bumper.




Back to the Strosek 928S Version I; here's one nice brown-metallic example built by FAB-Design of Switzerland fitted with the newer front (1986-onwards), regular headlamps, roof spoiler and also fitted are 16" BBS RS with painted centres.





A Version III Strosek 928 with normal head lights as the yellow car. It is however based on the face lifted Porsche 928 which carries the new tail lights.





Another Version III in red, this one has a standard Porsche 928 rear wing.




This is the "Strosek Porsche 928 S4 Jurinek Cabrio", a convertible Porsche 928 built in conjunction with Jurinek. Although obviously lacking the roof spoilers, it's clearly a Version III kit on this car.



1987: this yellow Strosek Porsche 928 S4 has lost the side streaks, so typical for the earlier Strosek designs. The air intake for brake cooling is still there however. The rear wing is of a new model and isn't as big as on the earlier model Version III by Strosek.



A very tight Version III, with no pop-ups and special smaller Strosek designed wheel covers.




This Strosek Porsche 928 is a Version III made around 1987. Special features include 17" OZ Futura with painted centres and more imporantly a completely new interior with Recaro C-Seats and white upholstery by FAB-Design of Switzerland. FAB-Design used to be the official dealer for Strosek in Switzerland and still has strong connections with Vittorio Strosek, who is one of their main designers.




1988: another year and another lot of changes to the design of Strosek's widest 928. First off, new 17" O.Z. Futura wheels. The air intake in front of the rear wheels has been removed and a new rear spoiler was introduced. Installed, but not very well visible are the fixed PES-headlights.


Changes to the boot are even more drastic: Strosek introduced a completely new boot lid to replace the big window that Porsche fitted. The new Strosek piece incorporated a much smaller window which was placed perpendicular to the roof line, similar as seen on many Ferrari designs.




This is a Strosek 928 Version III with the new PES-headlights, which give the Porsche 928 a completely different look. Please note the very chique dark-red leather interior.





1989: This is the late 80's Version I, the less wide Porsche 928 in Strosek's tuning line-up. The improved Version I is quite dramatically different from the early 1984 version: it has normal head lights, a Strosek designed bumper which houses the regular fog lights of the 928, no side skirts, mildly widened fenders which house the 17" O.Z. Futura rims and a new rear wing and roof spoiler. The wing mirrors were also of a new design, less edgy than the first generation.





1991: another evolution of Strosek's Version III Porsche 928: the Strosek Ultra based on the 928 S4. The '91 Ultra S4 has a newly designed front bumper with a large shark-mouth air intake. The side skirts give the car a more chunky look than before. Then there's the new set of wing mirrors, more rounded than before. The 928 is just as wide as before, still equipped with 17" O.Z. Futura rims of which the centres are painted in the bright yellow of the car's bodywork. Overall, the Strosek Ultra had a more rounded look which suited the '90s needs. Note that this car doesn't have the PES-headlights, but the stock Porsche ones in stead.





Another '91 Strosek Ultra S4, in a less spectacular black paintjob. PES-headlights installed, which by the way were a 3.900 DM option on the 1991 Strosek pricelist.





This Strosek 928 Ultra S4 was built in the early 1990's by PBB Design of Bristol, a company headed by the Bailey brothers who used to work for Glenfrome. PBB Design was the sole UK consessionaire for Strosek from the beginning of the '90s. Just a very nice car painted in a very special deep-red colour. Love it! And it had a most fascinating sound system too!








1992: another year, the evolution of the Strosek 928 goes on: this is the '92 Strosek 928 Ultra Wing. The Ultra Wing was equipped with a patented door-design. In 1992 Strosek also introduced the new model rim of his own design and produced by O.Z. in Italy. Note the Poly-Elliptical headlights (Bosch-PES) and the fact that this car is based on the final model of the Porsche 928, the 928 GTS. It's also an Ultra without the flared wheel arches which clearly shows when the doors are closed.





Another Strosek 928 with Ultra Wings, this time fitted with 17" O.Z. Futura rims. Note that this car is fitted with the wider wheel arches.





Two nice photos showing the clean lines of the Strosek 928 S4 "Ultra" fitted with the Strosek 18" wheels.




Although this Strosek Ultra S4 isn't more spectacular than the cars above, it's still a nice photo with the car driving through a snowy inviroment and also it's worth mentioning it was bought new by a woman who owned a hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in southern Bavaria. The car was only driven on tuesdays when she went out shopping and golfing.




Possibly one of the most spectacular cars to wear the Strosek Ultra S4 kit was this Porsche 928 Gullwing, made by Chris Hahn's Styling-Garage / Design+Technik. It carries the full Ultra optionlist and apart from the new doors it also has quite a spacy interior with silver leather Recaro seats and an exhaust-system with no less than 8 pipes. Most, if not all Styling-Garage Porsche 928 Gullwings built were fitted with either an Ultra or a Version III bodykit by Strosek.




An interesting 1992 Strosek magazine-ad displaying the Strosek RS wheel made by BBS. The Strosek RS must not have been all that popular because period Strosek catalogues don't even mention it and have no cars fitted with them.....




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