From the 1991 introduction onward to it's end of production Trasco Bremen offered stretch limousines based on the W140-model Mercedes-Benz S-class. Conversions offered on the W140 were similar to the W126 Trasco lineup, starting from short/medium stretch conversions simply adding more leg room and allowing business accessories like tables, TV, division window and extra storage space to be added to the car. Top-of-the-line were the full-length limousines (stretched by over 100cm) that allowed two rows of seats to be placed facing eachother. All conversions based on the W140 S-class were obviously also available in fully armored spec.


The 1991 Trasco 15 inch stretched version of the W140 Mercedes S-class.



In the back of the W140 based Trasco Limousine 15 there's a centre console with a TV and VCR, extra legroom of course with footrests, a small (cooled) compartment on the left hand side and picnic tables at the back of the front seats.



The early version of the Trasco Limousine 42, the 42 inch stretched limo based on the W140 S-class.







A 20 inch medium-stretch limousine based on the post-facelift S-class (W140, 1995-1999). Trasco called this conversion the "Presidential Limousine".




A 42 inch full-length stretch limousine based on the post-facelift S-class (W140, 1995-1999). This was the Trasco "Royal Limousine".




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