Founded by Walther Treser in the mid 1980s. Walther Treser was a key-figure in the Quattro-program from Audi. When Treser founded his own company the idea was to make special Audi and VW cars that would never see production by the Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg factories.


The range of conversions offered by Treser ranged from spoilerkits and new wheels for all Audi and VW models to quite extreme coach-built conversions like a hardtop convertible version of the Audi Quattro and a stretched limousine version of the Audi 200 called the Treser Largo.


The Treser company building in Ingolstadt, Germany.


One of Treser's more famous creations, the Treser Roadster based on the Audi Ur-Quattro.



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