Wider, fatter and more vulgar. Thats probably what you think when you see the Mercedes-Benz 450SL (R107) on this page. And that's just what the owner and builder of this car wanted you to think. Made for Ron Brown, a famous football player of the LA Rams. Converted in the late 1980s by the Ultra Limousine Corporation from Brea, California.


The most eye catching detail on this Mercedes 450SL is the widebody conversion. Not just a bit wider, but very wide! Quite a few of the 1980's tuners went for Ferrari Testarossa look, wheter it was on a Mercedes-Benz (Koenig-Specials) or a Porsche 911 (Rinspeed). Ultra Limousine Corporation have taken this concept to the next level. Not only do the Testarossa side strakes on this 450SL look more Ferrari-like than most of the others, the 450's electrically operated wing mirrors were ordered straight from the Ferrari-factory and were made for the Testarossa. They used to cost 3000 US$ per pair. Other interesting details on Ron Brown's 450SL widebody include windscreen wipers shaped like eagles-eyes, all 24k gold-plated and even fitted with some diamonds. 


As was common courtesy among tuners from the 1980's, all brightwork was 24k gold-plated by Ultra Limousine. The R107 SL was sprayed in a very good looking candy brandywine red color which matches the gold very nicely (whether you like it or not). The interior was all-white leather, with special electrically operated seats, an high-end Sony stereo with six speakers from Kenwood, a steering wheel by Nardi, wood trim and a mini-bar in the rear which unfortunately cant be seen on the photos. The car is fitted with Center-Line  wheels which are of course gold plated and have dimensions of the front wheels 15×7 and rear wheels 15×12. Fat Pirelli P7 tires are draped around them. All in all you could say that the license plate really covers it all: "24kBENZ".


Ron Brown's Mercedes-Benz 450SL (R107) as converted by Ultra Limousine Corporation in the late 1980's. The car's modifications include a special custom widebody modification, all gilded brightwork, modified front and rear-bumpers and new deep-dish Center-Line rims.


The rear end of the Ultra Limousine 450SL. The original SL's trunk basically ended where the car ended: there's a lot of extra centimeters in width. This meant that the taillights had to be placed more outward too.


The Testrarossa-look on the 450SL is interesting, though the buildquality seems a bit poor: notice that distance between the strakes is not the same everywhere. Tuners.....


The 24K gold-plated Center-Line rims of the 450SL.


The interior of the Ultra Limousines 450SL with a completely re-designed centre console covered with walnut-veneer, a Nardi-steering wheel and a set of new seats covered in white leather and with Ron Brown's autograph stitched in the leather.


Ultra Limousine fitted these original Ferrari Testarossa wing-mirrors to the 450SL.


The bonnet of the 450SL. 24k gold-plated air intakes and custom-made washer jets.


What more do I need to say?



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