By popular belief Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first private person to own a Hummer, back in the early 1990s. This, however, is not completely true...


By the end of the 1980s some Middle-East and Far-East customers already owned Hummers for their private use. These Hummers were actually converted by Vantagefield as per order from a Kuweiti investment company called "Al Zayani". Al Zayani made a deal with the US Army/AMC General to buy military HMMWVs (Hummers that is) from them for civilian use. Al Zayani then contracted Vantagefield to convert these cars into luxury vehicles with plush interiors and fancy paintjobs.


An excellent view of two Vantagefield Hummers together with one stock US Army car, as it was delivered to Vantagefield. The changes are quite obvious: the extra head lights, the new bumper and obviously the new body.



Three shots of a Vantagefield Hummer that's fitted with an hydraulically operated hunting seat, which can be jacked up to go through the roof.








Two shots of a red/beige Vantagefield Hummer. Interestingly the shot from the rear shows how high up the rear seats actually are.





Two interesting interior shots of the Vantagefield Hummer. The car was so wide that there was room to fit a row of four seats in the back. With the added three seats facing the rear a total of 9 people could drive comfortably in this car.





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