Yes, looks can be deceiving. The cars on this page all used to be Range Rovers but after London based coachbuilder "Vantagefield of London" did their job in the early 1990's a pair of extra wheels were fitted, length was added and the nose had lost all Range Rover characteristics.


These Vantagefield 6-wheeled Range Rovers represent the true "we build anything the customer wants" - philosophy. The first cars were ordered as a set by a customer from the Middle-East, each car is different but contains the same base ingredients: six wheels, all on Wolfrace rims, an American V8 with much more horsepower and most importantly a nose of a Mercedes-Benz! No, the concept of fitting a nose of a different brand wasn't new because Wood and Pickett once did a Range Rover with a Rolls-Royce like nose and Panther Cars built an S-class with a nose of a Aston-Martin Lagonda, but the match of Range Rover with Mercedes was new. The customer must have preferred Mercedes over Range Rover and decided he didn't want a G-class hunting vehicle. 



This is the first of the three. Based on a three-door Range Rover, this purposeful hunting vehicle with complete open top is fitted with velour hunting seats. The side step allows easy access to the car for the rear passengers. All wheels are the standard Range Rover tuning rims from Wolfrace.



No hydraulically operated convertible top on this Range Rover. A simple tarp slapped over the top to keep the hunters dry or dust-free during a sand storm. The front-end of the Range Rover uses parts from the W123-class Mercedes-Benz.



Basically the same car as the white Vantagefield Benz-Rover, this grey hunting vehicle has all the same details.



This third car is not a purposeful "Hunting-Rover" but more a luxury transport, quite possibly still to be used during a falcon hunt. The car was quite possibly made for another customer than the above two cars. Based on the standard 4-door Range Rover this one has all the goodies from the previous two cars but has the newer front bumper that came with the 4-door range rover. It just makes it look slightly more stylish.


From the rear it's not particularly elegant, with it's stepped roof, but maybe the elegance of this 6-wheeler Range can be found on the inside.....


....Yes, that fine English burl wood veneer. 


Nice two tone, two fabric upholstery and a modified passenger seat with different head rest with embroidered coat of arms of Saudi-Arabia and an armrest with some sort of remote control. It's unclear what functions it controls. Also note the padding around the doors that's probably there to keep dust from entering the car. 


The rear seats upholstered in the same leather and velours as the front. 


Under construction: note the different colours of the different panels that were used, probably from different donor-cars. This photo most likely was shot at one of the workshops sub-contracted by Vantagefield which did the conversion work for them.




Text: copyright Bram Corts 2013


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