Allthough my collection is already quite extensive, there are still a lot of cars, companies and specific items that I don't own or don't even know about. I'm still looking for many brochures, photos, press-releases and magazine-articles about the cars and people behind the 1975-1995 tuning / coachbuilding companies.


A huge gap in my collection are the US-based companies that did conversions of European cars. Anybody who's able to help with brochures, magazine-articles, period-photographs, or maybe even personal stories and histories please contact me, I'm very interested!!!


A list of companies that I'd like to have more documentation about:



ABC Exclusive (BMW, Mercedes…)

AMG (only the 80s stuff, Mercedes G, S-class (W116 and W126) and SL)

Auto-Exclusiv (Porsche)

Arabella (Mercedes…)

Arden (Daimler, Jaguar)

Artz (Audi, Ferrari, Opel, Porsche...)

Autocostruzioni S.D. (Salvatore Diomante) (Bentley, Maserati, Rolls-Royce…)

Bavaria Car Styling / BCS (Mercedes, Range-Rover, Porsche...)

BB Auto Exclusiv/ Buchmann (Mercedes, Porsche, VW…)

Benny S (Mercedes…)

Carat by Duchatelet (Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, etc…)

Car + Driver (Mercedes, RangeRover…)

Car la Carte (Jeep, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche…)

CARO Hamburg (Mercedes, Porsche…)

Caruna (Mercedes SEC and SEL)

Chameleon (Mercedes, RangeRover…)

Chasseur Developments (Jaguar)

DP Motorsport (Porsche…)

EBS (BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes…)

FLM Panelcraft (Range Rover....)

Gemballa (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche…)

GFG (Mercedes…)

Glenfrome (Jaguar, Mercedes, RangeRover)

Grand Prix Metalcraft (Mercedes, RangeRover…)

Guy Salmon (Jaguar)

Hamco (BMW)

Hooper Coachbuilders (Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes…)

ITS (Mercedes, BMW…)

Koenig-Specials (Mercedes SL R107 and S-class W126, Ferrari 512 BB, Testarossa and Jaguar)

Kremer (Porsche)

Kugok (Mercedes…)

Kugel (Jeep Cherokee 6x6, Range-Rover...)

LeMarquis by Robert Jankel / Robert Jankel Engineering (Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce…)

Lister (Jaguar XJ-S and XJ conversions including the Lister LeMans)

Lorenz & Rankl (Mercedes and Ferrari convertibles)

Panther Cars (Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover conversions...)

Pavesi (Ferrari, Mercedes, RangeRover…)

Pitz Design (Mercedes, Porsche....)

Rapport Engineering (Range Rover)

Ronny Coachbuilding (L'Etoile) (Mercedes, Rolls-Royce…)

Sbarro (Mercedes SEC and SEL, Windhawk, Windhound and Rolls-Royce Camarque)

SCAR Michael Hofberger Styling (Mike and friends) (Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche…)

Schulz (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover…)

Strosek (Porsche 911, 928 and 944)

Styling Garage, Design+Technik (Mercedes, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Porsche…)

Symbol (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, RangeRover…)

Tech-Art (Early 90s stuff, like the E32 BMW 7-series and Porsche 911)

Tickford (Aston-Martin Lagonda only)

Townley Cross-Country (RangeRover…)

Trasco (Mercedes…)

Unicorn (Mercedes…)

Wood & Pickett (Range Rover, Mercedes G....)

W.R.G. Autoexclusiv (Mercedes…)



US-based coachbuilders:


Al Mardikian Engineering (BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes.…) 

AutoSalon 2000 (Mercedes, Porsche...)

Executive Coachbuilders (Mercedes, Rolls-Royce...)

Horseless Carriage Shop (Mercedes, Rolls-Royce…)

Straman (Mercedes and Rolls-Royce based convertibles...)

Ultra Limousine Corporation (Maserati, Mercedes…)



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