Wood & Pickett of London  was one of the first coachbuilders to introduce a Range Rover convertible. The "Goodwood Convertible" as it was named by Wood & Pickett, was available in three different versions: a 2-door, a 4-door and as stretched 4-door versions. The idea of an open-topped 4x4 might not appeal to everybody, but Wood & Pickett sold quite a few to customers all over the world.



2-door Range Rover convertible


The Wood & Pickett Range Rover based 2-door convertible was the first to be introduced of the three convertible variations the coachbuilder from London offered. The 2-door version lacked a roll-bar, seen on many other Range Rover convertible conversions. This gave the car very clean lines when the top was down. With the top closed the Range Rover still looked very respectable, but very different from a fixed-head one. Prices for the conversion for the 2-door version were 9.000 pounds in the early 1980s. At additional cost Wood & Pickett could add 10 inches to the trunk of the Range Rover for more boot space.


A design-sketch by Wood and Pickett for the 2-door Range Rover Convertible. Note the B-pillar which is a real pillar, the production version of the convertible would look different.



The real thing: a green Wood and Pickett Range Rover 2-door Convertible with tan top and tan-brown interior. The complete absence of the B-pillar seen in the sketch is apparent. 




A Wood and Pickett 2-door convertible Range Rover with the top closed and opening.






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