The Sheer Rover (Sheer meaning Lion in Persian) was basically a Range Rover "1000SEL", avant la letre; a Range Rover with an option list that stretched the imagination. The Sheer name was used by Wood&Pickett on the full range of Range Rover modifications, including stretched, six-wheeler and convertible versions of the Classic. This article does however, focus on the (somewhat) regular length Range Rovers, the more elaboratly customized versions will be dealt with in a different article.


A very early custom Range Rover by Wood and Pickett, aprox 1975. It features a costum front end with different head lights a chromed front bumper. The interior has been highly customized too as we can see from the two-tone seats.


Same car, a year later (1976)... this time the regular Range Rover wheels have been replaced by Wolfrace ones.



















A late 1970s / early 80s Sheer Rover; based on a two-door Range Rover, which then was stretched to a four-door it sports options like the Sheer front-end that used lights of the Rover SD1, flared wheel arches, Wolfrace wheels, two-tone paintjob, Sheer Rover logos.









A late 1980s "Sheer Rover" by Wood and Pickett based on a factory four-door. Wolfrace wheels, special paintwork and the Wood&Pickett The car has the post-1986 RangeRover Vogue front bumper with fog lights.



A similar late 1980s RHD "Sheer Rover", interestingly with widened wheel arches and matching Wolfrace rims.



Custom interior; re-upholstered seats in white leather and a special "Margrave" dashboard in what appears to be a special kind of woodwork.






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