According to some....uhuh.... correction: according to many people out there a Ferrari, when it has left the factory, should be left untouched. No tuner, coachworker or anybody should try and modify it in any way shape or form, simply because it's a Ferrari. A Ferrari is something perfect.... or is it?


Zender from Germany thought otherwise and introduced this modified Ferrari 512bb at the 1981 Essen Motorshow. This silver 512bb might not have been as extremely widened and be-spoilered as Koenig's 512, but for very many Ferrari-purist Zender's 1981 styling-excersise was already several boundaries crossed.


The Zender Ferrari 512bb at the 1981 Essen Motorshow.


The design was quite extensively modernised by Zender; new front bumper with a lip, sideskirts and a set of aerodynamic wing mirrors.










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